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  • 2012 - Wallpaper* Design
  • 2010 - I.D. Design Distinction
  • 2010 - Good Design


"I just received my new Klhippers. They are simply amazing. You have reinvented a category, like Apple did with the phone and Nest did with the thermostat. I love great design and great craftsmanship. Your product rocks!"
-Tom J., Klhip customer

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  • United States
  • US Utility (pending)
  • US Design 1 - D629161
  • US Design 2 - D639509
  • US Design 3 - D639510

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Why settle for mediocre when trimming your nails? Tired of sub-par quality and poor performing nail clippers? What makes a high quality nail clipper? We get this question often at Klhip so we’ve put together a list to help sort through the clutter……and clip out what matters.

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Klhip is honored to be selected as an EDITORS' PICK 2013 by WIRED Magazine! You can see it online here WIRED's 24 Awesome Items or pick up the new and special Design issue of WIRED Magazine.

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Advancements in technology meet the nail clipper. A completely new idea and redesign to the nail clipper. My thoughts on video.

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